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Amazing! You get what you order and all the furniture was brand new!
No bad surprise, stress free, time saver. The customer service is friendly and responsive and the person in charge of the delivery and assembly did a great job! I strongly recommend.
Rental furniture experience
The company equipped my new house with furniture and electronic devices at a very attractive price. The rented furniture completely fulfilled my expectations. I'm glad of the communication and support. The delivery and the installation were according to the agreed time frame.
I recommend them!
Well deserved 5 stars!!

From my first contact with Move and Rent, I found them always to be helpful and proactive. I wasn’t able to provide some of the documentation required for the rental but they were happy to find a way round this so that the rental could go ahead.
Their website is very clear and transparent - you can see exactly what furniture you can order.
The delivery was quick and efficient as was the collection. The furniture provided was all new and came ready assembled.
My contact in the office was Frédérique and she was always quick to reply to any query, friendly and professional. I have no hesitation in recommending them
Highly recommended!

We had the most positive experience with Move&Rent - from the initial order through delivery and set up. They are professional, helpful and thorough. The furniture was delivered at the promised time and was set up quickly and efficiently. I would highly recommend Move&Rent. Special thanks to Boya and the team!
Satisfy with Move&Rent!

I am happy to choose Moved&Rent. The furniture I selected was delivered within very short lead time, Boya is responsive and hands on. With her help and the facilitation, we could move into our new home without hassles and worries.
Excellent service

We moved to Eindhoven from the USA this past summer 2021 and we had to find some rental furniture urgently. We were about to settle in an empty home with our three children. Of all the companies we contacted Move and Rent had great reviews and by far the best price. After contacting them they were extremely reliable, they acecpted to proceed to order furnitures form Ikea immediately eventhough our wire from the USA was not confirmed, they adaped to the dimensions of the house- some furniture could not come up the stairs and we assembled them ourselves- and delivered perfeclty on time, with friendly english speaking driver.The customer relationship manager was physically present to be sure that everything would go smoothly and it did !We highly recommend Move and Rent.